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Re: You cannot downgrade Firefox 55 profiles

In article <PeidndTpQsRoJRnEnZ2dnUU7-V_NnZ2d@xxxxxxxxxxx>, caver1
@inthemud.org says...
> You may alternatively create a backup of 
> the Firefox profile before you upgrade to Firefox 55, and restore it 
> after you install Firefox ESR on your system.

One Bugzilla comment I read said that, if you install a pre-55 Firefox 
and it uses the same profile used by a 55-or-later Firefox, you can 
reset the profile (about:support, click on "Refresh Firefox...") and it 
will build a new profile but will preserve the browsing history, 
bookmarks, and a bunch of stuff listed in this article:
Note: extensions and extension settings will be lost, as well as other 
settings listed in the article.
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