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Question re: replacing one of CTR's useful features (for me)

So, no help from the Firefox support list, guess they don't care about
this kind of thing there.

I am slowly trying to see if I can replicate my current UI config
without CTR (Classic Theme Restorer), in anticipation of its death when
Firefox reaches version 57.

Here are screenshots of what I'm trying to accomplish:


and showing Tabs after mousing over the left edge:


First, I use Tree Style Tab for Vertical Tabs (I have them on the left,
configured to auto-hide). I believe/hope it is planned to migrate to a
WebExtension, but if not, there are others that will at least give me
vertical tabs, although they have less features.

Then I use TinyMenu to collapse all of the menus into one, called,
creatively, 'Menu'.

Then, the main reason I use CTR is for:

 a) Use Firefox titlebar instead of OS titlebar

 b) Disable Firefox Button

 c) Hide the Navigation Toolbar

I then place all toolbar buttons, searchbar, locationbar, etc, on the
Menu Bar, which is then drawn in the Window Titlebar
(tabs.drawInTitlebar is true).

Now, EVERYTHING but the Window Titlebar - which now contains only my
Menu bar, which is used for browser content, with ZERO wasted screen
real estate (horizontal or vertical).

This is most useful on smaller screens (like my netbook), but I also
love it on my large screen.

Would appreciate suggestions for how I can accomplish the above UI
without CTR.

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