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Re: Mozilla approves a Tab Hiding API

On 8/4/17 2:53 AM, Ron Hunter wrote:
On 8/3/2017 10:17 AM, HoneyBun wrote:
"WaltS48" <thalionusa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Firefox's upcoming Tab Hiding API paves the way for Tab Groups like


Why not hide everything? Perfect solution for a worthless browser!! :)

I'm sticking with v48-50 as long as possible, then will go elsewhere. Sorry.
v48 is the last to work on my XP box. Then v51+ killed most of my add-ons
and java on W7/8.

Firefox offers me nothing anymore.

I saw a very long article on Firefox 57, and it sounds like the ONLY thing positive is that it will be faster.  No ad blocking, no extensions, no customization of the interface.  Guess it is time to bite the bullet and get used to Google knowing my every move.  Sigh.  No mention of fixing things that REALLY ANNOY ME, like websites that stack an extra entry in the 'last site' list so you can't get off their page with the back button, and nothing about fixing the problems with videos not playing, or playing jerky on a 65mbps down cable connection, where Chrome plays fine.
When the extensions are gone, so am I.

No ad blocking? uBlock Origin web extension is working just fine for me in Firefox 57. Firefox also has built-in Tracking Protection that I find blocks ads.

I did install Privacy Badger to stop the local newspapers paywall from showing up.

No customization of the interface? Haven't you been reading the Photon Engineering newsletters?


BTW the Default theme now has square tabs. Bring back fins on cars!

Go Bucs!
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