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Re: When Firefox will end Flash support

Desiree wrote:
> Then Smedberg says "As part of improving Firefox performance
> and security this year, Firefox users will choose which sites
> may run the Flash plugin. This choice will give users the
> ability to keep using legacy sites that require Flash, while
> letting modern sites shine with blazingly fast HTML speed."
> That too is a lie.  HTML5 playback is a joke. It is slow and
> ugly compared to Flash.

Agreed, but Flash is getting worse.

> I do not allow HTML5 playback in any browser.

The you won't be able to watch Youtube anymore. As the author of
the Youtube Flash Player add-on says (July 27):
"YouTube has made changes and it looks like it's no more possible
 to watch videos using Flash Player. So please stop sending me
 emails, there's nothing I can do, add-on is working as expected,
 it's just YouTube that forces the use of the HTML5 player."

But as said, there's more than Flash vids in the world (which you
may be able to download and then play with Irfanview), like very
useful interactive Flash-based applications.


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