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Re: Firefox keeps not responding

On Mon Jul 31 2017 20:33:00 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time), Lucifer
Morningstar <not@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Mon, 31 Jul 2017 08:35:11 -0400, Disaster Master
> <disasterlistmanager@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Since you are misquoting me, I'll just eliminate all of the misquotes...
> Must be a bug in your newsreader since I quoted you unchanged.

Nope, it was your attributing quotes to me that were not mine.

>>>> Ok, to clarify, when I said 'bare minimum', I meant if you want the
>>>> computer to be usable without having to wait forever for every little
>>>> task you attempt to do.

>>>> Will it boot with less, of course.

>>> Puts a dent in your 4GB minimum story.

>> No, it simply clarifies it as to what I meant.

> Why don't you say what you mean?

I did. 4GB is the minimum that *I* recommend. Do you not see the difference?

>> You can run a car on alcohol that is not meant to run on alcohol.
>> Doesn't mean you should do it.

> I am not aware of alcohol that is meant to run on alcohol.

Ok, so you also have reading and comprehension skills... got it...

>>> I said ordinary programs and its true.
>>> It can play youtube full screen.
>>> I suppose it helps that it has a dual core processor and
>>> an Nvidea 128 MB video card.
>>> I have an Acer Aspire One netbook with 1 gig RAM and XP.
>>> It runs ordinary programs OK.
>> Again, you have an extremely low bar for the meaning of 'nicely' - and
>> I'll go ahead and add 'ordinary programs' to that list.
> It works well enough to be useful.

And yet again - you have a very low bar for what the word 'useful' means.

> What if you can't solve the problem like my 2009 Apple Xserve which
> has two quad core processors only one of which has power?

That one is easy to solve. Sell or give it away and get a new(er)
computer that fulfills your requirements.

8 years is pretty much the end of the road for computers that start
having serious (other than easily replaceable things like hard drives or
RAM) hardware problems - even servers, unless you are someone who just
loves tinkering with ancient tech.

> It works nicely as a single quad core server but I want both CPUs
> to be working.
So, like I said, get a new(er) computer.
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