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Re: Fraud/stupidity/something else?

On 07/31/2017 01:30 PM, Mike Easter wrote:
The Real Bev wrote:
This morning I got an email from Ava's Flowers in Mahwah NJ responding
to a message I sent them using the email address I use for the mozilla
groups (I add the +moz).  Why would anybody do such a thing, especially
someone who just used my address without changing/thinking?

I get stuff like this all the time at my main address, but this is the
first time I could point the finger at somebody who reads these groups.

Direct mail advertising entities get/buy mailing lists from all sorts of
'services'.  Such services including spamlists acquire addresses in
every conceivable manner, including malware which is capable of
harvesting email addresses from user storage.

A user who corresponds with the moz group or list can store your address
in hir Sent folder in the body of a reply to you, and that address can
be harvested and make its way to a spamlist purchased by Ava's marketers.

Ava's is a family owned business expanding from local NJ storefront to a
much larger national wholesaler, so they would use all manner of
marketing advice.

Also, the moz lists are carried on GG where your address here is
published only mildly munged by removing the +moz part.

<sigh> The +moz part IS a mung so that maybe I'll know where my address was harvested. Not that it does a lot of good.

Cheers, Bev
  Never try to extort more than it would cost to have you killed.

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