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Re: Fraud/stupidity/something else?

On 2017-07-31 12:09, The Real Bev wrote:
This morning I got an email from Ava's Flowers in Mahwah NJ responding to a message I sent them using the email address I use for the mozilla groups (I add the +moz). Why would anybody do such a thing, especially someone who just used my address without changing/thinking?

I get stuff like this all the time at my main address, but this is the first time I could point the finger at somebody who reads these groups.

I received one, too. My email to them was supposedly #M10366641. I suspect someone is attacking Ava. Anyhow, I didn't check whether the contact address was real or an alias.

Wolf K
"Wanted. Schrödinger’s Cat. Dead and Alive."
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