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Re: Firefox keeps not responding

Since you are misquoting me, I'll just eliminate all of the misquotes...

On Fri Jul 28 2017 21:47:50 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time), Lucifer
Morningstar <not@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I picked up a desktop computer that had been thrown out.
> It had Windows XP and 256 MB RAM.
> I upped the RAM to 2 GB then threw to whole thing out!

Well that was pretty smart. I have added your email to my list of
contacts to always solicit advice for ... nothing...

>> Ok, to clarify, when I said 'bare minimum', I meant if you want the
>> computer to be usable without having to wait forever for every little
>> task you attempt to do.

>> Will it boot with less, of course.
> Puts a dent in your 4GB minimum story.

No, it simply clarifies it as to what I meant.

You can run a car on alcohol that is not meant to run on alcohol.

Doesn't mean you should do it.

>>> I have a dual core 1.6 Ghz Pentium with 1 GB RAM and Windows 10
>>> and it runs ordinary programs nicely.

>> You have an extremely low bar for the definition of 'nicely'.

> I said ordinary programs and its true.
> It can play youtube full screen.
> I suppose it helps that it has a dual core processor and
> an Nvidea 128 MB video card.
> I have an Acer Aspire One netbook with 1 gig RAM and XP.
> It runs ordinary programs OK.

Again, you have an extremely low bar for the meaning of 'nicely' - and
I'll go ahead and add 'ordinary programs' to that list.

> Microsoft say 1.0 Ghz CPU and 1 gig RAM will run Windows 10.

Microsoft is a legal fiction, so cannot say anything. I concede that the
marketing morons who work for said legal fiction say silly things like
the above, but that doesn't mean you should follow their minimum advice.

Besides - those minimums are often hard coded minimums, meaning, the
software literally will refuse to install if you don't meet them.

> I was given a Dell laptop which I fixed and upgraded from Windows 7 
> to Windows 10. It has a paid Nortons with 100 days left.

Remove it and I'll be happy to help you with any other problems you may
still have. I only charge $75/hour for remote support, if I resolve your
issues within the first 15 minutes the cost is only $25.
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