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Re: When Firefox will end Flash support

On 7/27/17 9:11 PM, Wolf K wrote:
On 2017-07-27 16:57, WaltS48 wrote:
As reported in another post.

Adobe announced today that it plans to retire Adobe Flash in December 2020 when it will stop updating and distributing Flash.

Mozilla announced it's road map for the end of Flash on the same day.

In order to preserve user security, once Flash is no longer supported by Adobe security patches, no version of Firefox will load the plugin.

REF: <https://blog.mozilla.org/futurereleases/2017/07/25/firefox-roadmap-flash-end-life/> and <https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Plugins/Roadmap>

That will frost a lot of people.

Just think of the gazillions of Flash vids out there that FF will no longer play after 2020.

AIUI, Fx will not play Flash vids from files, only HTTP and HTTPS sites after a certain version.

I can't find that information right now.

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