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Re: Flash is everywhere, but not much longer.

On 2017-07-27 11:58, PietB wrote:
Wolf K wrote:
PietB wrote:
Luis wrote:
Nobody will miss Flash after 2020

"Nobody will miss Windows XP after 2014".
Reality is that its market share still exceeds Win8.


Which indicates XP exceeds Win8 by 5.57%, which isn't
surprising, and even Win8.1 by 0.54%.


a) percentage points aren't percentages;
b) Win8 plus 8.1 is 7.77% vs XP at 6.94%, or about 12% ahead of XP.

Win10 is really Win8 improved. But MS did a lousy job of marketing it, and for a while had that utterly stoopid update policy.

FWIW, I'm on W8.1 with Stardock's Modern Mix, superior to any earlier Windows IMO. Will modify W10 the same way if and when I get a W10 machine.

And there are still POS machines (for example) running on DOS (included as some unknown fraction of "Other")

Biggest problem: Apple and MS are both trying to lock the garden gate, but people keep finding ways to get stuff in and out.

Wolf K
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