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Re: Filters

S. McDuff wrote:

On 22-Jul-2017 11:52, jetjock wrote:

I have several "Delete" filters for this group: Two of which are Sender--- is---: "GerardJan" and "GérardJan" (with the accent). Today a reply form him titled Re: aanandertje at 9:13am came through to my folder. As a rule, his posts are harmless. I just don't want to wade through his off meds ramblings. Any ideas why this might have gotten past the filters? If so, any fixes?

In the filters options make sure you have the radio button checked for: Match any of the following

Button is checked

For filters I have:
I have this one

And this one

...and don't see any more of his posts unless he changes something like the email address.

I'll add the other two just for redundancy. I think the post I saw from him yesterday must have been a fluke of some kind as I haven't seen anything from him in ages. Thanks for the response.


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