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cmcadams wrote:
No wrote:
Hello all, for the last two (2) days, my SM 2.014 & 2.1 (two (2)
different machines)
are not retrieving any yahoo mail. I have checked my SM & Yahoo
settings and they
appear to be fine.

Has anyone else encountered this situation, if so, what settings or
tweaking needs to
be done to get this back in sync?

TIA - Bo1953

No (OK...few) problems with Yahoo email on SM 2.1 here. You didn't
specify an ISP but on the off chance they'll apply, here are my server

Incoming (POP) pop.att.yahoo.com
Outgoing (SMTP) smtp.att.yahoo.com
(requires authentication)
Incoming mail server: POP3
Incoming/Outgoing User Name: Full AT&T email address, including domain
(e.g., test@xxxxxxx, test@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Incoming mail port #: 995, secure connection (SSL) checked
Outgoing mail port # 465, secure connection (SSL) checked

cmc - Thank you. I Am on verizon. I also configured as the yahoo faq recommended and it was not until a few days ago everything just stopped.

Now, I have tried using pop.verizon.yahoo.com and the system just continues to look up pop.verizon.yahoo.com, so I went back to pop.yahoo.com all without success, at the moment.

Thank you again -  bo1953
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