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Re: Firefox keeps not responding

Dne 17/07/2017 v 22:02 Disaster Master napsal(a):
> On 7/17/2017, 3:03:08 PM, Poutnik <poutnik4nntp@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Dne 17/07/2017 v 20:52 Disaster Master napsal(a):
>>> Doesn't matter, you had to install 4GB to be able to access the max.
>> I have never said otherwise.
> Not in so many words maybe, but your initial response implied that
> installing 4GB was useless because it couldn't use all of it.

No, it was your incorrect implication of my words.

>> Therefore, in standard configuration,
>> a process cannot allocate more the 2 GB of the virtual address space.
> Which I plainly stated...

I was first.

> Not sure why I'm wasting neurons discussing this though since XP has
> been relegated to the scrap heap for a long time now.

If you asked, I would tell you.


Wise man guards the words he says,
as they may say about him more,
than he says about the subject.
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