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Re: Firefox keeps not responding

Dne 17/07/2017 v 20:52 Disaster Master napsal(a):
> On Mon Jul 17 2017 14:26:56 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time), Poutnik
>> Most = not all
> Doesn't matter, you had to install 4GB to be able to access the max.

I have never said otherwise.

>> And the there is by default 2 GB (#) RAM limit for the user address space
> Not really sure what you mean by 'user space', but...
> There is a 2GB limit per process (application), yes, but another
> application could use the rest (the remaining 1.#GB).
>> + 2 GB for system space.
> Not sure where you get that from...

....The virtual address space for 32-bit Windows is 4 gigabytes (GB) in
size and divided into two partitions: one for use by the process and the
other reserved for use by the system. .....


Therefore, in standard configuration,
a process cannot allocate more the 2 GB of the virtual address space.


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