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Re: Moderation Notice

I'm suddenly getting this message regularly when trying to send emails from my XP computer:

Sending of the message failed.
The message could not be sent because the connection to Outgoing server (SMTP) mail.greenviewdata.com timed out. Try again.

Is there a way I could lengthen the 'time out' period?

The SM default time-out has always been adequate for me, going back to forever, but maybe not any more!

I'm having no trouble sending out emails using my gmail account in Seamonkey -- but then they show my gmail address as the sender, which I don't want since I dislike gmail and almost never use it.

I've also had intermittent problems sending messages from Seamonkey in recent months on my Win7 computers -- but usually I get a password dialog box; if I reenter my password, the message goes out. My new problem on XP might have the same cause, but without the ability to reenter my password to work around it.

Sending of the message failed.jpg

I got these meddages as well when i have an attachment of over 5MBytes
but the message is sent, it is just nog copied to the sent folder !

GérardJan Vinkesteijn-Rudersdorff

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Build identifier: 20170329182716

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