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Re: Moderation Notice

On 7/8/17 11:03 PM, WaltS48 wrote:
On 7/8/17 2:06 PM, David E. Ross wrote:
Today, I received the following E-mail from "super moderator" Ilias,
with the Subject "Mozilla message removal eligibility notification":

David, I've already sent you messages 4 messages in the past about your
habit of posting off-topic messages, and explained how to move
discussions somewhere else (like the general mailing list). The purpose
of warnings is to help you understand the rules before it gets to the
point of moderation. You've been posting a lot of OT messages lately,
and after 4 warnings and not having seen you set a followup to
mozilla.general in 3 years, it's clear to me that you're either not
willing to follow the posting rules or you're unable to, and informing
you about the your habit of posting off-topic messages is having no
effect. I'm not going to keep sending you warnings every few months.

As per <https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/about/forums/cancellation/>, this
message is to inform you that your future infringing posts will be held
for moderator approval before making it to the forum.

I see three things wrong with this:

*  Ilias fails to indicate in which newsgroup my offense occurred.

*  Ilias fails to indicate what posting of mine offended.

I've received a few of those in the past.

He never needed to indicate which newsgroup or what posting I was being reprimanded for.

I know when I've been bad. 😈

I am sad.

One of my posts didn't appear in m.support.firefox and I didn't get a notice.

😞 😞 😭 😭

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