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Re: Firefox keeps not responding

On Sat Jul 15 2017 10:15:53 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time), Lucifer
Morningstar <not@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Why can't Mozzila get it right?
> In case it is of any interest I am using Windows 10
> running on an i5 quad core with 4 gigs RAM.

4GB has been the absolute bare minimum for Windows since the XP days.

Things will be slow, especially as you open more programs, but Windows
will at least run (and you'll need a decent sized page file).

If you want your system to run fast, ALWAYS get at LEAST 8GB of RAM (16
is better, and 32 is best, but more may be needed if you run lots of
VMs), and never use crappy Antivirus.

The best AVs in my experience are:

Free: BitDefender
Paid: ESET (NOD 32)
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