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Moderation Notice

Today, I received the following E-mail from "super moderator" Ilias,
with the Subject "Mozilla message removal eligibility notification":

> David, I've already sent you messages 4 messages in the past about your 
> habit of posting off-topic messages, and explained how to move 
> discussions somewhere else (like the general mailing list). The purpose 
> of warnings is to help you understand the rules before it gets to the 
> point of moderation. You've been posting a lot of OT messages lately, 
> and after 4 warnings and not having seen you set a followup to 
> mozilla.general in 3 years, it's clear to me that you're either not 
> willing to follow the posting rules or you're unable to, and informing 
> you about the your habit of posting off-topic messages is having no 
> effect. I'm not going to keep sending you warnings every few months.
> As per <https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/about/forums/cancellation/>, this 
> message is to inform you that your future infringing posts will be held 
> for moderator approval before making it to the forum.

I see three things wrong with this:

*  Ilias fails to indicate in which newsgroup my offense occurred.

*  Ilias fails to indicate what posting of mine offended.

*  Most important, Ilias claims that I have not set a followup to
mozilla.general in three years. WRONG!  My archives of newsgroup
messages that I post go back only to March 2016.  In the past 16 months
-- much less than three years -- I set Followup-To for mozilla.general
at least three times, not counting this message.

By the way, when I do set Followup-To, I aways indicate that in the body
of my message.


David Ross

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recorded his conversations with ex-FBI Director Comey.
Between when Trump hinted there might be such tapes
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