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Hi Gérardjan, 

I spend a lot of time thinking about the Web.

A better Web really can lead to a better world. It's why the Web matters -- to me, to you and to thousands of other Mozillians.

And it's why we have been committed to ensuring the Web remains a force for good as both the Internet and our world have changed, transformed and evolved over the past 20 years. 

You are part of a global community of users and makers who care about the future of the Web -- who believe in what we are building and creating together.

We've set a $250,000 fundraising goal for the end of this year, to make sure we have the resources we need for 2013. We're getting close -- but with just five days left, we're not there yet. As of this morning, we still had $119,098 to go.

I hope you'll invest in our collective future by making a special year-end gift of $30 or more to Mozilla.


Those of us who believe in the transformative power of the Web have a responsibility to keep it open, free and transparent. That's what Mozilla is all about, and we work every day to make that vision a reality.

And because we are a nonprofit, we count on people like you to support our mission. We don't have shareholders to please, or a corporate bottom line to worry about. We have our mission, and we have you.

I think that's enough. It's enough to protect what we have built together over the past 20 years, to keep our Web open and free. It's enough to create a new generation of hackers, crafters and makers. It's enough to build the Web, and the world, we want to see.

But only if we care enough to make it happen. Are you in?

Help us meet our $250,000 goal with a donation of $30 or more today (it's tax-deductible if you live in the US):




P.S. -- Don't forget, when you donate at least $30 to help us reach our goal, we'll send you an official Firefox t-shirt to say thanks: 



Mark Surman
Executive Director
Mozilla Foundation

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