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Re: FF 52.2 ESR/linux

On 07/04/2017 06:33 PM, WaltS48 wrote:
On 7/4/17 5:37 PM, The Real Bev wrote:
Virgin profile so I can figure out why FF crashes/sops up all
memory/blinks quietly out of existence several times a day.  No
personalization at all beyond what FF offers within itself.

I can override the nanny-behavior when I log in to a website (in this
case, linuxquestions) by typing the username and hitting enter, BUT the
goddam message makes it impossible to see if I've typed the username
correctly.  Right now I'm in a 15-minute timeout because I did it wrong
5 times.  (My keyboard, which I otherwise love, drops a letter every
once in a while.)

I don't remember ever seeing this before.  Is there anything I can do
about it?  I ALWAYS want to be able to see the logins while I'm typing.

I take it you are logging into http sites and seeing the, "This
connection is not secure." In-context warning.

I have never seen it cover the Username or Password fields.

You can start typing blind and then hit carriage return. This throws up a new page which allows you to see the username you entered, but blobs out the password. MY living room, MY computer. If I want to see passwords it's my god-given right.

More slob enablement.

I also don't type anything. I let Firefox remember them, and use the
Secure Login (WebExtension), to enter the information with one click of
the icon in the toolbar.

You have to type something the first time you log in, unless you copied over your passwords. I chose not to copy over anything.


This is -- by design -- a totally virgin profile. I'm going to add extensions slowly, in order of importance, to see just what the hell is causing all the crashing etc. Accordingly, I have no Secure Login extension.

Cheers, Bev
   "What fresh hell is this?"     -- Dorothy Parker
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