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FF 52.2 ESR/linux

Virgin profile so I can figure out why FF crashes/sops up all memory/blinks quietly out of existence several times a day. No personalization at all beyond what FF offers within itself.

I can override the nanny-behavior when I log in to a website (in this case, linuxquestions) by typing the username and hitting enter, BUT the goddam message makes it impossible to see if I've typed the username correctly. Right now I'm in a 15-minute timeout because I did it wrong 5 times. (My keyboard, which I otherwise love, drops a letter every once in a while.)

I don't remember ever seeing this before. Is there anything I can do about it? I ALWAYS want to be able to see the logins while I'm typing.

Oh yeah.  Happy Treason Day, ungrateful colonials!

Cheers, Bev
  "I won't allow the half of Americans who pay no taxes to bear the burden
   of the other half who aren't paying their fair share."     -- Guess Who
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