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Re: dropping alsa support and forcing pulseaudio

On 07/02/2017 02:54 PM, nylxs wrote:


I'm sending this out knowing that I doubt anyone will read it or listen.
  In my experience, once horrible decisions like this are made, the
people who make them get entrenched, egos fly and  no amount of
discussion helps, but forcing linux users to adopt pulseaudio is a
non-starter.  The people not using pulseaudios aren't idiots, they do it
for good reasons and the best of those reason is that we don't want to
use software written by Leonard Pottering, especially software that is
not only buggy, fat, integrated into desktops we going use, insecure,
and wrapped into systemd, but is not necessary.

You have made firefox a non-starter after decades of use.  You could
have just borrowed flexible code from VLC.

It is so self destructive... it makes me depressed.


Just out of curiosity, what is "a non-starter'? Does it make Firefox not start?

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