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Re: music site problem

On 6/27/17 2:22 PM, Sogn Mill-Scout wrote:
At 02:24 PM, 6/26/2017, Monday, Mike Easter wrote:
Sogn wrote:
I use a music website that displays a playlist

I'm wondering if anyone can offer any suggestions.

Why would you pose such a question without mentioning the website?

Sorry. It's http://www.jazz24.org/


Assuming the visitor is supposed to click the "Listen Live" menu item or "Listen Now" button.

When I do that, I see a page with a black background with "You are listening to jazz24.org" in white text, in the middle of the page.

On the left is a Menu Panel, on the right, the Playlist Panel, both showing up for me, along with the other stuff I have to horizontally scroll to see.

I stick by my first suggestions.

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