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Re: Thunderbird Version query.

On 26-Jun-17 7:56 AM, Poutnik wrote:
Dne 26/06/2017 v 08:20 Andy Burns napsal(a):
Poutnik wrote:

Andy Burns wrote:

Everything David B. posts anywhere is part of some private vendetta.

Ëverything ?
So treating newcomers well is a part of vendetta ?
Then more of such a vendetta....

I'm afraid the "nice" messages are all part of his plan to lure people
in and turn them against someone else, have a look at past behaviour.

I evaluate people by what they say, not what others say about them.

That is an eminently sensible approach! :-)

Not that I fully ignore the latter.
I take it as possibility with low weight,
unless supported by the former.

I admit I am not really interested in such personal topics
and wars of Usenet group clans to dig the history for it.
I intentionally miss many posts as I set as ignored
threads and sub-threads before they become hot.

Do you know about web sites being 'SPAM Hacked', Poutnik?

You can read about it here if you are uncertain:-


Or here: https://goo.gl/ujQEJ9

David B.

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