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Re: Clear Commuknication: was: Re: I'm Really Not Dead

On 06/23/2017 12:18 PM, Jim Fisher wrote:
On 21 Jun 2017 at 23:04, Joy Beeson wrote:

On Tue, 13 Jun 2017 16:39:34 -0400, "Wolf K." <wolfmac@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

> "They" as a the generic, non-specific personal pronoun has been around
> for centuries.

And it has been a confusing abomination all that time.

I just heard something which added the reflexive, which made it even sillier. "They rode the bicycle themselves." At the very least, the person could have used 'themself' :-(

We need a new pronoun to match the French "on", which covers the singular case
which was under discussion and the general plural as in "they say that ..."

Indeed. It's my understanding that 'on' has replaced 'nous' in a number of cases. 'One' in English just sounds too pompous for general usage and applies to a general concept rather than a specific activity anyway.

Cheers, Bev
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