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Re: Is FF losing popularity in so dramatic way?

On 6/20/17 7:43 PM, Sailfish wrote:
My bloviated meandering follows what NFN Smith graced us with on 6/19/2017 2:51 PM:
Sailfish wrote:

While I have about 13 add-on, I only really rely on a very few, less than a hand full. I suspect that ABP will be one that will have support dropped for it and, as such, will eventually fall out of usefulness after web sites find ways around its existing configuration.

On that, the news is good: ABP also has a Chrome version, and thus, they already support the Web Extensions API. I haven't checked closely, but I think they already have a version that runs in the betas that don't have XUL.

Yes, but then ... Chrome :-(

Once 2.49 is released, then Seamonkey will be following the Firefox ESR track, but it still remains to see what they'll do when Firefox 52.8ESR goes EOL.

I would think that since the ESR channel was set up initially to help mitigate the migration issues for Enterprise accounts and since 57.0 will kill off XPCOM that Mozilla would set Fx56.x as the last ESR release?

I would say they will stick with the regular plan of Firefox 59 being the next ESR.

You have a year to get up to date. Well, maybe a little less now.

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