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Re: Is FF losing popularity in so dramatic way?

The Real Bev wrote:

Installed and tried.  It seems OK.

Firefox frequently gives the "script screwed up" message -- generally after EVERYTHING has slowed down so that it takes many seconds for the mouse to move. Drudge and Facebook are frequent offenders. I've dumped pretty much all my FF extensions except the ones I deem essential -- if I have to get rid of those I might as well choose a different browser even though I feel REALLY disloyal about it.

Chrome doesn't give the 'bad script' message, but it acts the same -- just less frequently than FF.

I tried to go back to FF47 (I think I was happy then), but as soon as I installed it (new profile, copied over stuff from FF52 profile) it started to update to 53 in spite of my NEVER CHECK FOR UPDATES instruction. Deleted the whole thing, but maybe I'll try again...

For that kind of thing, I'm inclined to suspect profile issues. Have you tried Safe Mode? Besides disabling extensions, there's some measure of reset of user preferences that can be done if you choose the Reset Firefox option. Another option could be in removing and reinstalling your extensions.

Trying a new profile might help, too.

Unfortunately, a lot of sites make heavy use of scripting, and to me, a lot of it is gratuitous, "because it's there", rather than something that's really essential for the site. This is particularly true for media sites, but there's a lot of sites out there that overdo on animation.

In my case, I miss a lot of that, because I use NoScript, and block scripting, unless it's necessary to get to the content that I want. I tolerate ajax.googleapis.com, when needed, but I see no reason to allow scripting by google analytics. And since I don't do facebook, I have their scripting engine permanently blacklisted.

I'm not sure that going back to FF47 will help you a lot. However, if you don't want the feature set changes with FF 53 and later, you can buy yourself some time by going to FF 52.x ESR, although that won't help once 52.8 ESR goes EOL.

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