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Re: OT: Radio Shack

On 06/20/2017 09:28 AM, Sailfish wrote:
My bloviated meandering follows what The Real Bev graced us with on
6/20/2017 8:54 AM:

And not cheap.  And the staff didn't know much, certainly not about the
few parts they still offered.  I hope they were suitably embarrassed
that a grandma knew more about their stuff than they did.


I think the last time I visited a Radio Shack was when I went in and
looking around and, only seeing more expensive than WallyMart electronic
gadgets, asked the attendant where the solder was and he uncertainly
suggested I look at some dim lit corner of the store. Then, inquired if
I was interested in a cell phone plan.

Surprise ending -- I was sure he was going to ask you what it was.

It was odd to realize that the emotion I was experiencing at that moment
was probably very close to what a carriage driver felt when visiting a
downsized horse and buggy store looking for a buggy whip.

We all need to be congratulated for not slapping the living shit out of people who really deserve it. Not so much the attendant, but the people who decided that that level of service was acceptable.

Cheers, Bev
   "It's too bad stupidity isn't painful." - A. S. LaVey
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