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Re: OT: Radio Shack

On 06/19/2017 07:33 AM, Sailfish wrote:

Yeah, a lot of it was out of their control, what with the electronic
enthusiast sector drastically drying up with the advent of the personal
computers and circuit designs moving from discreet circuits to
programmable ICs. They almost crested the 'puter tsunami with the TRS-80
(irreverently known as Trash 80) but that was not to be.

We had one of those. Periodically it would stop working for a variety of reasons. The common solution was to take things apart and clean the contacts. They cheaped out and didn't gold plate things, so corrosion always happened and had to be removed. What a stupid business decision.

I sadly
accepted its loss of relevance when it finally tried to shape itself
into a cell phone distributor of Spring, as I recall.

And not cheap. And the staff didn't know much, certainly not about the few parts they still offered. I hope they were suitably embarrassed that a grandma knew more about their stuff than they did.

For those of an almost forgotten generation of enthusiasts, I offer this
bit of memorabilia:


Cheers, Bev
    "I wish I had more time to seek out the dark forces
     and join their hellish crusade."        -- Clarice

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