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Re: Is FF losing popularity in so dramatic way?

WaltS48 wrote:
On 6/18/17 3:12 PM, EE wrote:
Andy Burns wrote:
Mayayana wrote:

[FU set]

it is true that FF is losing share dramatically.

Not surprising, produce a browser and extol the virtue of add-ons and
customisability, gain a user-base, life is good, start aping a
competitors browser, lose some users, slowly kill off the add-ons,
wonder where the rest of the users went?

Chrome is taking it, which I find amazing, given that
Google is the king of spyware. But it seems that most
people just don't care about Google spying.

I went to Iron, which is the least Googly chrome-based browser I can

I'm curious why *so many* like Chrome. Maybe they get used to it on
I also used firefox on android, still do actually.

I have complaints with Firefox and its forks, but there's
no other browser I'd even consider using.

I would have said the same a few months ago, or thought I'd move to
palemoon, but I guess everyone has their threshold.

I should say that Opera (webkit) is even better than Iron, because the
people developing it are still interested in the user's privacy.

How about Vivaldi?

I read their privacy policy. It said that data about everything you did would be reported back to the mothership. No thanks.

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