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Re: Send Firefox to your phone,and unleash your Internet.

On 6/14/17 at 8:02 PM, WaltS48's prodigious digits fired off with great aplomb:
On 6/14/17 7:47 PM, Ron Hunter wrote:
On 6/14/2017 3:27 PM, PietB wrote:
WaltS48 wrote:
OT: I bought an Android device last week, decided to use
the Chrome browser if I ever use the phone for Internet.
Maybe to check the weather.

I'd use my senses to check the weather. :-)


And how do you do that for the weather in another state you are headed to??

You use your senses when you get there?

I like to check radar if I'm at an outdoor event and there is a threat of rain.

Then you might like this app:


Ed Mullen
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