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Re: I'm Really Not Dead

On 06/12/2017 05:06 AM, Jay Garcia wrote:
On 12.06.2017 02:01, Ron Hunter wrote:
On 6/11/2017 7:03 PM, Jay Garcia wrote:
On 11.06.2017 17:41, Sailfish wrote:
My bloviated meandering follows what Jay Garcia graced us with on
6/11/2017 2:22 PM:
Yes, really, not dead. :-)

Good to hear! Your nick sign should be Indy (Im.Not.Dead.Yet)

Stroke with 2 speech therapy sessions - 3 heart surgerys to take care of
my Afib and one total knee replacepent. Nuther already!!

Damn.  You will be a whole new man.  Grin.

Looks good .. lost 45 lbx. :-)

Deliberately or as a side effect?  Inquiring minds...

Cheers, Bev
   Too many freaks, not enough circuses.
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