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Re: iOS 11 will render older iPhones, iPads and apps obsolete

My bloviated meandering follows what Ed Mullen graced us with on 6/8/2017 7:17 AM:
On 6/7/17 at 9:46 PM, Sailfish's prodigious digits fired off with great aplomb:

I upgraded my laptop and opted for Win10, mostly so I could speak about it with some authority when family members call and need a fix in a hurry. I will admit it is a significant improvement over Win8 and Win8.1 but still a gawd-awful GUI compared to Win7, imo. I mostly use it for trips but I've installed Virtual Box and Win7 on it so, I'm good to go for now.

I have W10 Pro on two machines. It is easy to make it look and work like W7.


This will do for when I "have" to use Win10

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