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Re: iOS 11 will render older iPhones, iPads and apps obsolete

My bloviated meandering follows what Ron Hunter graced us with on 6/8/2017 8:45 AM:
On 6/8/2017 1:56 AM, Sailfish wrote:

None of the above articles had to do with "jailbreaking" and this was just a quick look at search page listings. There were others.

My assertion was that more people were likely to have their device bricked than any malware (I should clarify that to be any non-zero day malware); not whether you personally have been bricked. I've provided three credible references to buttress my point and you've offered none.

Don't need one. I am not dissatisfied, and have made claims that need to verified. The error 53 is only seen if the screen of a Touch-Id device is replaced by an unauthorized repair facility. That's on the user.

And yet, Apple apologized for /THEIR/ screw-up and even offered to pay for said repairs to any and all who had experienced the same problem. I think I'll take Apple's admission over your belief :-)

If you sell 50 million of ANYTHING in a year, and 49 million of them are used by people who don't know much about their devices, you WILL have some problems with updating. I don't care what product it is. Didn't I read something about the latest Android update bricking some phones??

REF: https://www.statista.com/statistics/461900/android-vs-ios-market-share-in-smartphone-sales-germany/

One, Android has consistently outsold iOS smartphones by a huge amount and two, I never claimed that Android devices were without bricking issues. Rather, it was that Apple iOS updates have a history of "bricking" some portion of the users devices, which I've provided ample credible evidence of.

Whether their per person "bricking" portion is larger than Android's is a different issue. Since you seem to want to take the lead in this avenue of inquiry, I'll anxiously await your credible links on it so that I may become more informed.

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