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Re: 11 Interesting Ideas For A More Powerful Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar - What Do You Guys Think?

mozillasuggest@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Hello All. Here are my ideas for a far more powerful Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox.

(Note: I posted these suggestions over on mozilla.wishlist, but there isn't much activity there, so I wanted to post the ideas here and discuss whether they would be useful or not if anybody is interested.)

1) Bookmarks Toolbar Drag-Scroll To Left And To Right - hold the scrollwheel down, or CTRL-left-mouse down and drag mouse to the left or the right on the bookmarks toolbar to smoothly scroll the bookmarks toolbar items to the left and right like a bi-directional conveyor belt. Can also have a "news ticker" mode where the bookmarks slowly scroll from right-to-left, allowing you to re-discover bookmarks you may have saved for later viewing but then forgotten about.

2) Bookmarks Toolbar scroll up and down - the same thing, but this time you drag vertically to get to a higher or lower line of bookmarks on the toolbar. Can also be controlled by a small "up" and "down" arrow button on the left of the bookmarks toolbar. Again, news ticker like auto-change (vertically this time) could make for a cool "rediscover your old bookmarks" experience. CTRL-Numpad-Up-Down would be a good keyboard shortcut for this function I think.

3) Bookmarks Toolbar Text Search Function - a little "S" icon on the very left of the Bookmarks Toolbar lets you search for keywords in your dozens or hundreds of bookmarks. Very cool would be an animation where the bookmarks toolbar rapidly and automatically scrolls right-to-left to the bookmark that best matches the text currently typed into the text search box. You would want a "find next" and "find previous" button to rapidly sort through the returned results.

4) Bookmarks Toolbar Tabbed Mode - your Bookmarks Toolbar has 7 - 8 tabs on top of it that allow bookmarks to be organized by categories like "games", "tech", "funny", "kittens", "friends", "news" and so on. This makes the toolbar take up 2 instead of 1 lines of space, but would be fantastic for people who need to keep their bookmarks well organized (a journalist saving a lot of bookmarks while doing research for a news story for example)

5) Bookmarks Toolbar Open Downwards - a small arrow icon pointing down makes the bookmarks toolbar open downwards like a pull-down menu and display 6 - 8 lines of Bookmarks simultaneously (or more if you want...). Collapses upward again when you click a bookmark. Also has a scrollbar on the right when open, letting you browse through many lines of bookmarks at once using the mouse.

6) Bookmarks Toolbar Color Coding - colors the bookmark text in different colors (red, green, blue, yellow et cetera)to denote things like "most used", "crucial information", "new bookmark", "bookmarked webpage has posted new content" "was going to look at this page when I have more time" and so on.

7) Bookmark Trees That Open Downwards - Here you have bookmarks organized hierarchically in a lightning-fork like vertical tree diagram. When you click on an "anchor bookmark" on the bookmarks toolbar, the tree for that topic (e.g. "C++ Programming Reference") opens downward onto the web page you are viewing. Very cool would be keeping the tree sharp and in the foreground with a drop-shadow under it while the webpage background under it is blurred until you select an item or click outside the tree.

8) Sort Bookmarks Toolbar By Criteria - similar to Windows Explorer, you can right click on the bookmarks toolbar and have your bookmarks sorted by "name", "date/age", "most used", "least used" and so forth.

9) Bookmarks Toolbar Mouse-Over Webpage Preview - If Firefox were to save a preview-sized JPEG image of a webpage you bookmarked in the past, you could then mouse over a bookmark and see an image of what the bookmarked webpage looked like. Useful if you bookmarked 5 - 6 similar websites, and remember only that "the website with the blue background had the most useful info".

10) Share Bookmark With Others Functionality - right-click on a bookmark to email or instant-message the URL to someone you know

11) Bookmarks Privacy:

Private/Invisible Bookmarks - allows you to tag bookmarks that are "embarassing" or otherwise "private" in nature as such. Private bookmarks are only displayed on the toolbar when you enable "display private bookmarks" (e.g. CTRL+B+P) and are also password protected.

Why this function? If more than one person in your household/office uses your PC or Tablet Computer, you may not want "just anybody" to be able to sift through the PRIVATE bookmarks stored in your Firefox browser.

There are people who - given unsupervised access to your computer or other internet capable device - instantly start snooping on what you have been looking at on the web. Private/Invisible Bookmarks would not allow such people to see what sites you visit frequently.

Password protection is a MUST for this function in my opinion.

If your children use the shared household PC for example, Private Bookmarks would keep them away from any bookmarked content of an "adult nature" or bookmarked webpages that - for various reasons - are "not really suitable for children".

A cool extra function would be if sites/bookmarks you designate as "Private" also do not show up in your browser history.

Does Firefox no longer have a provision for putting the whole bookmarks folder on the bookmarks toolbar? It used to have such a thing, as a toolbar button in the customize window.

If you want your bookmarks instantly available on the toolbar, why do you need keywords there?

You can put folders on the bookmarks toolbar. That would serve to categorize bookmarks.

Does anybody need more junk images like a preview of every page you bookmarked? That is just more bloat to be saved. Favicons are bad enough, but at least you can block them.

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