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Re: iOS 11 will render older iPhones, iPads and apps obsolete

My bloviated meandering follows what Ron Hunter graced us with on 6/7/2017 10:00 AM:
On 6/7/2017 7:09 AM, Caver1 wrote:

I don't want or need a hand held computer. The old phone does what I need.
I did receive security updates on it maybe as long as a month ago.
My 2005 Bonneville is the same as when I bought it and it still works. You don't /need/ all supposed /progress/ updates. They are just there to keep you spending money on the most part.

But Apple provides the updates free... So why not make use of the extra features. Sure, many of them aren't things I use, but there are security and bug fix changes as well, so I always update. Now if GM would just install backup cameras, and blind-spot detection on my 2003 Impala.... Grin.

One, when an update breaks your existing Apps then the "free" part seems more than a bit unwelcome and two, I do not believe even Apple provides hardware upgrades for free.

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