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Re: iOS 11 will render older iPhones, iPads and apps obsolete

On 6/7/2017 12:26 AM, Sailfish wrote:
My bloviated meandering follows what Ant graced us with on 6/6/2017 9:02 PM:
On 6/6/2017 9:00 AM, Sailfish wrote:

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[excerpt quote=\"
That means anyone with an iPhone 5 or 5C will no longer receive software
updates for either new features, or more importantly security fixes. The
iPad 4 will also stop receiving updates.

But it also means that for users of #Apple’s newer smartphones and
tablet computers, including the latest iPhone 7 and iPad, some apps that
are 32-bit-only and not coded to operate in a 64-bit system will cease
to work once their devices are updated to iOS 11.
\" /]

With older 32bit-only devices not upgraded to iOS11 and no longer
receiving updates, especially security updates, being unfortunate, at
least the devices will continue operate with their existing installed
32bit apps.

However, I suspect there might be a lot of people with 64bit devices
upset that their prior 32bit apps will no longer work. One would think
that this type of unforced error mentality would be avoided by now?

iOS 10 doesn't work with my very old 32-bit iPhone 4S (stuck on iOS v9.3.5). Does that mean Apple will not host 32-bit apps anymore for these old iDevices? :(

Dunno, but considering that Apple has a lucrative history of refurbing and reselling old stuff, I suspect they would continue to host them until such time as they decide to stop re-selling them. Whether they would continue to allow developers to update (enhance/fix) their 32bit apps is unclear.

I see no reason they wouldn't, considering they get 1/3 of the purchase price for apps. Why cut off a lucrative income source?

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