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Re: Thunderbird to stay with Mozilla

Hi Wayne.

On 2017-05-10 06:30, Wayne <vseerror@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Yuk. I'm using Thunderbird expressly because it is not a stupid web
front end to my email. I have absolutely no desire to give all my
emails to a Mozilla server and be stuck using a crappy web interface
inside a web browser - it will never be as fast and flexible as what
we have now. Forget addOns, for one. First Web Extensions with limited
permissions, and now this...

There is no thought of servers - Thunderbird doesn't provide servers.
Also, web technology <> web front end.

See https://www.ghacks.net/2015/12/12/libreoffice-plus-thunderbird-love/

  "Thunderbird over the next 3 years needs to convert to being a web
   app that can run on any browser that supports ES6 Javascript and HTML5.
   (web app does not imply cloud-based, only that the underlying platform
   is js/html).

Ok, so no cloud-based crap, but it sure looks like TB would disappear in favor of something that ran in the browser. So what would it be, a WebExtension? I really think a real application will forever be faster and better than any addOn. I don't want to run my email in Firefox...


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