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Re: Thunderbird to stay with Mozilla

On 05/09/2017 09:30 PM, B00ze wrote:
Good day.


Glad to hear it, but I'm not sure it is for the best; especially
concerned by this bit:

"As far as the future of Thunderbird is concerned, the following was noted:

      The long term plan is to migrate the code to web technologies."

Yuk. I'm using Thunderbird expressly because it is not a stupid web
front end to my email. I have absolutely no desire to give all my emails
to a Mozilla server and be stuck using a crappy web interface inside a
web browser - it will never be as fast and flexible as what we have now.
Forget addOns, for one. First Web Extensions with limited permissions,
and now this...

Every single webmail thing I've tried is a piece of shit. I want to keep MY mail on MY machine and manipulate it in reasonable ways -- the way I've been doing it since Netscape .9. I see no reason to "upgrade" from my current 38.

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