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Re: virus on yahoo homepage

> What do you gain scanning outgoing plain text or any message?

This is actually beyond the scope of this newsgroup, but ...

1. If the message isn't text (just claims it is), it would (hopefully) 
limit the spread of the malware.

2. If my machine got infected because the virus definitions didn't have 
the signature of that virus, but later an update to those definitions do 
include it, then if the virus tries to propigate itself via email the 
outbound scanning may detect it. (And, hopefully, doing another full 
scan would likewise detect that virus.)

3. The message might give the recipient a false sense of security. I 
said _false_ because if a piece of anti-virus software can claim the 
message is clean, a piece of virus could do the same.

In any case, I don't like it that Avast advertises itself and has a
habit of turning back on the signature advertisement when upgrades,
reinstalls, or "repairs" are performed. Besides, it unnecessarily
irritates the recipients.

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