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Re: Of all the FF updates I've endured thought the years, you've finally outdone yourselves.

Dont worry about it!

Switch to manual updates, backup Firefox, then update manually. If it messes 
up, uninstall then reinstall the former version. If that fails, you can 
recover most things piecemeal from your backup. Simple and the best way. 
I've done it that way for a decade or more.

If that doesn't work, you'll have to bite the bullet, uninstall everything 
and do a clean install. It's generally OK to lag 5-10 versions behind, until 
your accounts start refusing it.

FF is still a better option than googlecrap. Isn't it? Your choice...

<gootgolly@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
The recent updates over the last couple weeks have completely destroyed FF. 
Of course I thought simple, I'd just roll back and un-update FF. Nope, no 
provision whatsoever. When following the instructions to repair it and 
resorting to the last ditch effort of resetting FF, with the assurance I 
would not lose saved passswords etc...... well, ya lied and I lost 
everything except for my bookmarks.

After the updates, paypal wouldn't work and there were several more 

This really sucks and is only the second time in MANY years of using FF that 
I'm sitting here considering what other browswer I may consider using. Gee, 
miserable and intrusive Google Chrome and Edge is installed and for whatever 
reasons, I have a bit more faith that they won't ever torpedo me like this 
and almost to the point I don't care if they hand everything I do to 
anyone's government.

The worst series of UPDATES ever and there have been some pretty cruddy ones 

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