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Re: Anyone here know how to read JavaScript?

On 4/23/17 3:03 AM, David B. wrote:
On 22/04/2017 12:57, WaltS48 wrote:
On 4/22/17 6:36 AM, David B. wrote:
On 22/04/2017 10:25, Poutnik wrote:
Dne 22/04/2017 v 11:08 David B. napsal(a):

Does anyone here know how to read JavaScript?

In particular, why would a web page have TWO JavaScript files attached
to it instead of just one?

Could YOU tell what instructions each one was giving?

I'm curious!

Looking for satisfying answers implies satisfying questions.
Have you promised you would not reveal any information ?

No, Sir!

Generally it can be said
the 2 files may serve 2 independent purposes,
written with a modular and reusability approach in mind.

E.g. A code common for many pages is better kept separated
from a code specific for a given page.

That sounds logical. Thank you. :-)

What I'd been doing was experimenting here:-

*Free Website Security Test*  http://wikiguard.org

I looked at www.live.com and noticed this:-


External Javascripts

Live.com contains external javascripts:



All Javascripts

Number of used javascripts: 2.



Although I could follow the links and see the 'gobbledegook', it's not in a form I can read (and I doubt I would understand it if I could!)

Can you throw any light on this matter for me, please?

Save the JavaScript files.

Use Firefox Developer Tools to read them using the Scratchpad tool.

Open the file, click Pretty Print in the Scratchpad toolbar.

Only 211 lines in the first file and 10210 lines in the second file.

Wow! Thank you. :-)

I had absolutely no idea about that inbuilt facility in Firefox.

I'm now wondering if other browsers can do the same. Before I look, are you already aware of any, WaltS48?

All of them.

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