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On 4/21/2017 7:09 PM, Andy wrote:
Yes it is but its created for those of us who still use windows 7 vista or
windows XP.
Its in the FAQ'S about the ESR relise channel.
Thats how i found out about it:)

ESR versions are intended for enterprises which cannot adapt to Fx rapid release since Fx 4. If you subscribe to the Fx ESR ListServe you will see that most users are large enterprises worldwide not individual users. The first ESR version was version 10. Yes, anyone can download and use an ESR version but it is NOT intended for those individuals still using older OSes but rather for enterprises that frequently are using Windows 7 but may be on Windows 10, etc.

I use it with Windows 8 Pro and I abandoned regular Fx when ESR first came out because I hated the rapid release that Mozilla chose (very unwisely I think) back then for regular Fx. I far prefer to not have constant changes sprung on me especially where most of the changes are just for the sake of change and further ruining of Fx. With ESR, I have a year before I have to decide if I want the new, mostly ridiculous, changes and I get security fixes during that year. So, I have found ESR to be be far superior to regular Fx for my needs since ESR inception. I am on Fx 45.9 ESR currently. Version 52.x will be pushed internally on June 13 althogh I my decline it and stay with version 45 as my final Fx version.
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