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Re: Anyone here know how to read JavaScript?

Dne 22/04/2017 v 12:36 David B. napsal(a):

> What I'd been doing was experimenting here:-
> *Free Website Security Test*  http://wikiguard.org
> I looked at www.live.com and noticed this:-
> =
> External Javascripts
> Live.com contains external javascripts:
> https://auth.gfx.ms/16.000.27121.00/DefaultLoginPaginatedStrings.EN.js
> https://auth.gfx.ms/16.000.27121.00/DefaultLogin_PCore.js
> [..]
> Can you throw any light on this matter for me, please?
The problem is, the JS source is in these files compacted,
lacking to have visually appealing structure.

Both are quite long, so hard to tell for me to determine what they do.
Others may be more experienced.

What I know from past is it should be Microsoft domain,
and auth. and file names give hints about the logins and credentials.


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