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Re: Worsening freezes (or upgrade = downgrade)

My bloviated meandering follows what NQ graced us with on 4/21/2017 5:30 AM:
On 4/21/2017 3:26 AM, Sogn Mill-Scout wrote:
Since upgrading to FF 53 several days ago I've been getting "Firefox not responding" freezes more frequently; I can't go an hour without FF freezing, forcing me to shut it down via Task Manager. When I restart it I invariably (since the "upgrade") get the "This is embarrassing" screen that lists my tabs, which I can uncheck if I want or else restart with all of them. This particular thing wasn't happening before the so-called upgrade. It was freezing up before, but less often and without that restart tab business. Any helpful thoughts?

Regarding my message a couple weeks back, reducing the size of the places.sqlite file hasn't been helpful, and, as I said, things have gotten worse going from version 52 to 53.


Sogn Mill-Scout

I've had the same freezing problems but only on facebook. It's become very aggravating !

The first thing to try is to try safe mode via about:support "Try Safe Mode" button on top right, more at:

This will temporarily disable all add-ons and reset all preference changes to the defaults. If while in safe mode, the problem disappears, then it heavily points to problem having to do with either an incompatible add-on or a user-changed preference setting.

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