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Re: Worsening freezes (or upgrade = downgrade)

On 4/21/17 4:26 AM, Sogn Mill-Scout wrote:
Since upgrading to FF 53 several days ago I've been getting "Firefox not responding" freezes more frequently; I can't go an hour without FF freezing, forcing me to shut it down via Task Manager. When I restart it I invariably (since the "upgrade") get the "This is embarrassing" screen that lists my tabs, which I can uncheck if I want or else restart with all of them. This particular thing wasn't happening before the so-called upgrade. It was freezing up before, but less often and without that restart tab business. Any helpful thoughts?

Regarding my message a couple weeks back, reducing the size of the places.sqlite file hasn't been helpful, and, as I said, things have gotten worse going from version 52 to 53.


Sogn Mill-Scout

I don't recall if you tried Safe Mode or a profile refresh.


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