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Re: Firefox usage compared to other browsers

Good Guy wrote:
On 11/04/2017 23:50, B00ze wrote:

 Add to that the fact that Average Joe thinks Google is "just the
best" and there you go...

It must be the best (I mean Chrome) because third party add-ons have
problems gate-crashing it while in Firefox, they have messed it up so
much that you can't run anything in FF without Add-Ons.  Even M$
developers use Chrome to test their ASP/MVC websites.  They tell me it
is because IE and Edge (they haven't heard of Firefox!!) is too security
conscious and so nothing runs correctly without getting pop-ups of
security risks while Chrome doesn't have this problems, apparently!!!.

Actually, Opera works pretty well also. It is based on Chromium source code, but is more concerned with user privacy.

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