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Re: Firefox Will Add a Settings Section That Lets You Control "Performance"

My bloviated meandering follows what Mark12547 graced us with on 4/13/2017 12:17 PM:
In article <PaSdnRZI7tr7lnLFnZ2dnUU7-KvNnZ2d@xxxxxxxxxxx>, NIXCAPSsailfish@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says...
Specifically, other than geeks and Fx zealots, very few users will bother fiddling with them since they will be clueless as what to set them to or what they even are.

I could see corporations having their IT departments do some tuning with Firefox for other employees, adjusting the tradeoff between memory usage and multi-tab performance, tuning Firefox to the computer and to fit with other programs running on those same PCs.

Agree and, if Mozilla is developing this for Enterprise accounts and said accounts are willing to pay for it then that makes sense.

For home users, for an option that maybe 10% of the home users would access, it's better if they can use an Options page, which is less risky than having them get into about:config where they could accidentally mess up options that could have a much more drastic result.

Also, it is a whole lot easier for me to remember something like
Options -> Advanced -> Performance than to remember about:config's dom.ipc.processCount

Or, hey!, an animated UI Clippy-like widget that shows both a memUsage tach and speedometer along with a processor-core-enabled gear shift to help guide them toward optimal performance :-)

Silliness aside, yes, I agree.

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