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Re: Firefox Will Add a Settings Section That Lets You Control "Performance"

In article <PaSdnRZI7tr7lnLFnZ2dnUU7-KvNnZ2d@xxxxxxxxxxx>, 
NIXCAPSsailfish@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says...
> Specifically, other than geeks and Fx 
> zealots, very few users will bother fiddling with them since they will 
> be clueless as what to set them to or what they even are.

I could see corporations having their IT departments do some tuning with 
Firefox for other employees, adjusting the tradeoff between memory usage 
and multi-tab performance, tuning Firefox to the computer and to fit 
with other programs running on those same PCs.

For home users, for an option that maybe 10% of the home users would 
access, it's better if they can use an Options page, which is less risky 
than having them get into about:config where they could accidentally 
mess up options that could have a much more drastic result.

Also, it is a whole lot easier for me to remember something like
 Options -> Advanced -> Performance than to remember about:config's 

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