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Re: Firefox Will Add a Settings Section That Lets You Control "Performance"

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nospam@xxxxxxxxxxx says...
> In other words, if you wish a decent browser (demanding more resources) 
> buy a new computer, otherwise degrade the browser's performance.

Hasn't it always been that there has usually been something one could do 
to improve browsing experience, be it to throw a faster Internet 
connection at the system, or improve the speed of the processor, or 
increase the amount of memory, or sometimes all three?

Judging from the direction Mozilla is going with the internals of 
Firefox, I think most users will see an improvement in responsiveness, 
even those who decide to have just one rendering process (minimum memory 
usage) because Mozilla plans to have tasks required to render a page 
broken up to where some parallel activity could take place and, even 
when the parallel activity is in the same process, by using multiple 
active threads for rendering a page, it allows the use of multiple 
processor cores to work on different parts of the rendering at the same 
time. And that would be, for most us us, without having to buy new 
hardware. That's one of the reasons why I am looking forward to see what 
comes in Firefox 57.
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